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Gavinhaptitali Ruvinperhaij took a shit and it was like a gift from the gods. It was one of those special ones that looked like a bunch of little shits that were all clumped together. How do they do that? But anyway, they were all different colors and stuck together like a bunch of ice cream scoops in different colors. It was such a price compared to the cowshit bright yelllow from his home country. He took it in to his wife and exclaimed in his own dialect "ooghiebaranshachawa ohmi mah parhavhraidara naaa naa">

Date Written: January 21, 2011
Author: Marvin_Bernstein
Average Vote: 5

01/21/2011 Will Disney: fair enough
02/20/2011 Marvin_Bernstein (5):
02/20/2011 Marvin Bernstein (5):