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This whole neighborhood used to be just for the fur business. The entire place - it stank of moth crystals. Those were tough days back then. A man had to fight to earn a living for his family. Not that you'd know anything about that, you little punk. You don't even know what moth crystals smell like, do you?

Ah, stop crying.

Date Written: August 03, 2003
Author: Will Disney
Average Vote: 4.4

08/5/2003 qualcomm (4): for some reason, this is funny.
08/6/2003 Mafia Mike (4): No, but I know what meth crystals smell like
02/15/2004 scoop (4): Why are you being so mean to the kid, Will. He just wants to learn.
02/15/2004 qualcomm: this thing is great
11/3/2004 qualcomm: YES!
11/22/2004 The Rid (5):
01/20/2005 qualcomm: this should have more votes. it's just so concise and delightful.
05/1/2005 John Slocum (5): appreciate/enjoy