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"And so," concluded Turk Chyme, executive chef at Fæces, "The human intestinal tract is actually the most efficient food processor in the world, and feces—specifically the feces of a guild butcher—the most evenly processed expression of offal." "No more riddles!" I cried. "Just tell me how you achieved such a magnificent texture in this chicken liver mousse!" Editor's note: he's eating poop.

Date Written: January 29, 2011
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 3.08333

01/31/2011 Mr. Pony (4): A charming return to Original Form.
02/1/2011 TheBuyer (4): i suppose this sort of thing happens all the time at Fæces.
02/3/2011 Jon Matza (4):
02/6/2011 anonymous: there's nothing wrong with the Germans you know
02/7/2011 scoop: What's with the anonymous nonsense.
02/15/2011 Litcube (4):
02/16/2011 anonymous: you cannot take down anonymous
02/24/2011 anonymous: I'll have the offal waffle!
02/24/2011 Marvin_Bernstein (1):
02/24/2011 scoop: Wow, I must say that last vote certainly seemed to "under_score" its actual value. What a mean spirited display. I thought the INTERNET was about an honest exchange of ideas, not a squalid place where bitter reprimand is allowed to live its days so long as the servers keep humming.
02/25/2011 tyranosaurus_pee_pee: sorry Qualcomm I do apologize
02/25/2011 TheBuyer: I'll ask your nurse to double check the straps after she restrains you for the night, you're clearly wandering around the hospital after lights-out.
03/10/2011 Dylan Danko (1.5): Really?