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Vader strode confidently into Operations.

“My computer just crashed, Skippy,” he reported to the gangly Alderanian youth.

“Sorry, your grace,” Skippy (played by the red-headed, acned teen from The Simpsons) replied, his voice cracking.

“Sorry doesn’t pay the bills in this battle station,” Vader warned, sticking his fat, gloved finger in Skippy’s face. “If I cannot access the data source within 3 minutes, I’ll do that choking thing on you.”

By all that was unholy, what was the matter with this cuss, Vader wondered. Still, the boy had his charms, he allowed, watching Skippy’s sweat-glistening nape as the boy typed furiously away at his console.

Perhaps… this evening… the lad could report to Vader’s chambers for more… ‘stimulating’ conversation…

Date Written: August 04, 2003
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 4.25

08/4/2003 anonymous (5):
12/21/2003 Ewan Snow: I laughed out loud at this one even though it's merely a (not particularly great) variation on the Vader-out-of-context joke we've discussed for years. The mixture with IT mediocrity was good...
10/21/2004 Mr. Pony (4): Pick a direction!
03/30/2009 Ewan Snow (4.5): Yup.
03/31/2009 Mr. Pony: Hey, look what happened.