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The father was a changeling. He would change. He had changed himself into a security camera and had mounted himself on the front porch. It was getting dark.

Hours later, his son came home, stumbling and drunk.

"You're late!" the father yelled down. "And you're drunk!"

His son shrugged him off and kept walking into the house.

"You know what you'll get if you keep this up, boy?" the father shouted, turning himself into an old leather belt. "The belt - that's what you'll get! You want the belt, boy?"

Date Written: August 06, 2003
Author: Will Disney
Average Vote: 4

08/27/2003 Ewan Snow (4): Didn't think I liked this one and didn't vote on it when I first read it, but for some reason it kept popping up in my mind, so it must have something going on. I think it's because the two images, the security camera and the belt, are well chosen. Who knows?
02/4/2004 Texxx (4): What does he become in the sack?
02/24/2004 scoop (4): I agree with Snow, something about those two images. But also the first line followed by the second line is great.
03/10/2004 Mr. Pony (4): The fact that he changed himself into a camera to spy on his son deserves three stars alone. The extra star is for the other stuff.
04/13/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan (4): This makes me want to mount myself.
09/16/2004 TheBuyer (4): The random feature was designed for days like today.
05/25/2005 The Rid: Couldn't he just watch the boy through the window, then threaten him with the belt around his waist when the kid stumbled throught the door? Am I just playing devil's advocate? Is it Wednesday?