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Congratulations Twilo Morgum-Blow born 8/16/03!

Twilo Morgum-Blow.
You took your time you know.
Now you're here,
Let's make things clear.
Don't ever be a homo!

Date Written: August 17, 2003
Author: Dylan Danko
Average Vote: 3.5

08/17/2003 Will Disney (5): a+
08/17/2003 qualcomm: you're going to feel like a real asshole when it turns out he's actually gay.
08/17/2003 Dylan Danko (5): Feldspar, you've reached a new low even for you.
08/17/2003 Dylan Danko (1): Sorry, i meant to give this one star.
08/18/2003 Will Disney: i dunno, does that really constitute a new low?
08/18/2003 Shomer Shabbas (2): CONGRATS. NO WORRIES. just don't fucking let feldspar procreate.
08/18/2003 qualcomm: yeah, i've gone way lower than this. that time with the retard and the broomstick, e.g.
08/18/2003 Dylan Danko: Feldy, if there was any humanity in you at all you would have used "if" instead of "when." Ma Vie En Rose" anyone??
08/19/2003 Jon Matza: Just because the youngster happens to be gay doesn't necessarily make it retarded. Nor is it necessarily the parents' fault.