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True Story – Fall Semester, 1990

“Clairbourne Colleges welcome you,” said a stale woman with a permanently artificial smile spackled on her face-hole.

“Tweaked, I’m sure,” said Jon Feldspar and gave her a low curtsey. He was stoked for college. Now the keggers would last past midnight! Fuckin’ A!

He wandered up to the registrar’s desk. “Isn’t it spelt ‘regist-er’?” he thought to himself. He fished in his pocket for his ID, but by accident pulled out a dime bag. He stuck it back in his pocket as fast as he could. Good thing nobody saw or he would have been hauled before “judish.”

Date Written: August 22, 2003
Author: Ewan Snow
Average Vote: 0

08/22/2003 qualcomm: oh yeah, i had forgotten all about that
08/23/2003 Dylan Danko: Don't get it
08/23/2003 Will Disney: inside short?
08/23/2003 Ewan Snow: Yes, Inside short. Forgot to mark it. Will change it...
08/27/2003 Phony Millions: does inside imply that we're endeared to it?