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Howard Dean crapped his pants. He was watching George W. Bush on the television. Dubya had just announced that he was not seeking re-election!

Howard’s wife, Judith, rushed into the room. “What’s that smell, honey?” she asked him.

“It’s the smell of surprise,” he answered. “And squishy victory.”

Date Written: September 21, 2003
Author: Will Disney
Average Vote: 4.3333

09/23/2003 Texxx (4): Gross.
09/26/2003 Will Disney (4): topical! compact! a joy!
11/24/2003 Phony Millions (4): I must have missed this one! I like how his wife Judith 'rushes' into the room from the smell of his shit - it's like it's so bad that she came from the kitchen or something, immediately after he pooped, and she was all startled and shit. That's how I like to picture my future Pres and first lady
02/25/2005 The Rid (5): I've read this before and withheld a vote, but now I've reached the same conclusion: "Squishy victory" is a five-star line.