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Too often we find ourselves in situations that we would have preferred to have avoided! We can all relate to that!

Yet through a careful application of courtesy and common sense, isn't it the case that we find such occurences can be handled with discretion and few feathers are ruffled!

Take the example of Mr. Henry Rebars, a successful businessman who only just the other morning was discovered by his young daughter in an embarrassing act of fornication with her teacher!

But by swiftly removing his boner from her vagina and telling his daughter if she would please bring him a glass of water, a potentially mortifying and troublesome situation was stopped before it even had a chance to begin!

Remembering this simple anecdote will save you from simular situations!

Date Written: October 21, 2003
Author: Jon Matza
Average Vote: 4.5

10/21/2003 qualcomm (5): rebar
10/21/2003 Ewan Snow: I laughed aloud!
10/22/2003 Dylan Danko (4): Yeah, Rebar is excellent.
10/22/2003 Phony Millions (4): yeah we can all relate to that
05/1/2004 scoop (5):