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Ever since his comedic masterstroke about krauts farting inside their panzers, PFC Feldspar became the most popular grunt in the platoon. I mean, there's frontline tomfoolery, and then there's the kind of genius old Summer Sausage pulled out of his ass right in the middle of that Ardennes shitstorm, went the opinion of the other dogfaces (geez, they were a swell buncha guys).

Feldspar mulled it over while cleaning his rifle, Genia (named after his Polish wetnurse). This evening, for sure, he would announce the new way of things: he would no longer be called Summer Sausage; henceforth, his nickname would be Gibraltar Candytuft.

Date Written: November 11, 2003
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 3.3333

11/11/2003 anonymous (5):
11/11/2003 anonymous (3):
11/11/2003 anonymous: Will where are you? Are you monitoring this???
11/18/2003 Will Disney: why? what's wrong?
11/24/2003 Benny Maniacs (4): I'm the only one balsy enough to give this one what it deserves - four out of five stars. Stop smoking so much fuckin moochey-gabba.
12/1/2003 Dylan Danko: Is this an inside short?
12/22/2003 scoop (3): Gibraltar Candytuft held the line, ass hole.
06/7/2004 Will Disney: the punch line - big disappointment