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He joined her in the car just outside. It was parked on a nearby street. A faint smile on her lips had come and gone, as best he could decipher through the glass a moment earlier.

They talked. They kissed a few times. The car was running, and to combat the cold, she turned the heat on from time to time.

If cars had been made as they once were, perhaps he would be sitting closer to her right now. But the two individual front seats left a significant amount of space between them.

They talked some more. She knew, and couldn't imagine the wait. He still didn't. There was no axiomatic expression to conveniently sum this up; certainly none that clarified anything. Certainly none that wasn't trite.

He left the car that way, on that night, without much of anything resolved. Without anything settled.

He waited for her to leave. He watched her in the car and checked the oncoming traffic along with her to ensure that her car could pull safely into the open road.

Date Written: December 16, 2003
Author: Texxx
Average Vote: 1.75

12/24/2003 Benny Maniacs (4): I'm feeling this one. Writing about the inability of written words to describe something, yet describing it. But so did they fuck?
12/24/2003 qualcomm (1): just horrible
12/24/2003 Texxx: Wow. One of the cool kids actually condescended to read my short. I'm touched.
12/24/2003 scoop (1): where's the cum, dude?
12/24/2003 Will Disney: no i believe they did not fuck.
12/30/2003 Ewan Snow (1): Gotta agree, this is pointless.