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Vice Hubert Schneibling de-malked the freshly tanned lumrick and nudged it gently up his quiffer.

"Oh man," he moaned. "Oh man."

From his agape slivey, a series of fragrant chagles sloughed out meltingly. The Vice Hubert licked his swollen ollards in satisfaction, for it was good.

Date Written: December 24, 2003
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 4.4

12/31/2003 Dylan Danko: Are those words that I'm looking at?
12/31/2003 scoop: that's right fella, and they got meaning, too.
12/31/2003 Dylan Danko: Viz?
12/31/2003 qualcomm: you don't actually not get this one, do you?
12/31/2003 Dylan Danko: Is it Australian?
12/31/2003 qualcomm: no it's my own special little nonsense vocab.
12/31/2003 Texxx: If it's your own nonsense vocab, shouldn't it be marked 'inside,' as in 'inside jokes' that some of us won't 'get'?
12/31/2003 qualcomm: i made it up specifically for the short. the idea is that a reasonably intelligent person could deduce a number of disgusting ideas/orifices for any of the nonsense words.
12/31/2003 Dylan Danko: No, it's Australian.
12/31/2003 qualcomm: f danko
12/31/2003 Dylan Danko: f. disney
12/31/2003 Ewan Snow: I got it. This short was cinchy. For a minute I thought they might be real words, but I didn't bother looking them up as I figured it was bullshit. Overall, I'd say my success in reading this short is mostly due to strength of character. That and my good looks. Okay, so what do I win?
12/31/2003 qualcomm: jesus, thank you. i felt like i was taking crazy pills before.
12/31/2003 Ewan Snow: Where can I score some?
12/31/2003 scoop (4): Actually, Uncle Feldy, a quiff is a prominent forelock. Clearly a quiffer is a prominenter forelcok, because the Olde Englishe use of "er" is to making some thing more of it. Ollard eye for the lumrick guy.
12/31/2003 Jon Matza: Fudanko, hello! At where of recent days you are hidding? You are surely preferring instead, I promise, dance at nightclub so sexy? Let us together not to continue so up tight, but have some beautiful music for the other. "Plenty fucking", it do nots sound so badly, eh?
01/1/2004 Dylan Danko: Scoop, stop talking. For all who care, I got the short as well, you motherfuckers! Oh, I love you. Drunk etc. happy new ye...
01/1/2004 Will Disney: yeah, scoop!
01/1/2004 Benny Maniacs (4): One of the better orifice shorts around.
01/2/2004 scoop: hey, f you will.
01/6/2004 Eve1980 (4): That's disgusting.
09/3/2004 John Slocum (5): thank you
09/3/2004 Kevin: what the fuckin hell is this?
09/14/2004 TheBuyer (5): this a quiffer short, Kevin!
09/14/2004 scoop's brain: Wait. Hey F you too Dylan. Freaking jerk.