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Ever since I was a child I had special feelings for my mother. These feelings weren’t funny, really, so I don’t know if you Acme folks will be interested, but I’d really feel a lot better if I got them off my chest. It’s just that sometimes people don’t really accept me or my feelings, I guess because they’re intolerant. I know that I probably sound like a broken record, but those of you who know me know that I won’t tolerate intolerance! ;) Seriously, though, I do have a lot of feelings for my mother. I guess because I’m mixed race and my mother was black, though I was brought up not to see color I couldn’t help it. Some people actually say I have a really good fashion sense and that I never wear anything that clashes, which makes me sort of feel bad because my mom raised me not to see color. My dad is white though and I live with him now. All the same (I know, broken record) I always will have a lot of feelings for my mother.

Date Written: January 07, 2004
Author: Captain Crunch
Average Vote: 4

01/8/2004 anonymous (3):
01/8/2004 Captain Crunch: Don't you guys like this one???!!! Me too!!! ;)
01/8/2004 anonymous: Yeah, I like it Captain!!! ;)
01/8/2004 anonymous: Mee too!!! ;)
01/8/2004 Jon Matza: Captain Crunch and I must have the same mother.
01/8/2004 Captain Crunch: Hi Jon!!! Did your mother pass away too???!!!
01/14/2004 scoop (5): Captain Crunch! Your wit stays sharp! Even in milk! Ouch!! My gums are bleeding!! Gross! Super Gorss!!
01/14/2004 scoop: Ten Stars for Captain Crunch!!
01/14/2004 scoop: I wanna leave 15 stars, but Danko's boss won't let me.
01/18/2004 Joseph Keith: Just don't forget those who tolerate intolerance are just easier to kill later :)
03/19/2004 Mr. Pony: Now this is a fun persona.