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Kleetaurus12: hiya!
X: oh hey
Kleetaurus12: i’ve got it.
X: ?
Kleetaurus12: i know what we should do. you know what we should totally do?
X: What?
Kleetaurus12: guess!
X: I have a meeting in a few minutes.
Kleetaurus12: I was ROFL SO HARD yesterday after our chat that
Kleetaurus12: oh ok. i’ll wait til you get back. lol
X: No. Go ahead.
Kleetaurus12: ok! we should totally make a book of our IMs!
X: A book? Wait, what’s ROFL?
Kleetaurus12: LOL
X: Seriously.
Kleetaurus12: haha
X: What is it?
X: And we don’t chat often enough, anyway.
X: Enough to warrant a book.
X: Do we?
Kleetaurus12: rolling on the floor laughing!
X: And don’t you think that millions of unfunny people out there, chatting with each other, have already incorrectly thought, “We should make a book out of this! This is so hysterical!”?
Kleetaurus12: Well we would have to.
X: “OMG!! This is great shit!” Or whatever.
X: Have to what?
Kleetaurus12: chat more. to make a book.
X: No offense, but that’s idiotic.
Kleetaurus12: LMAO!
X: Was our chat even funny? I can’t remember what we said.
X: Nobody would read any of it.
Kleetaurus12: sure it was!
Kleetaurus12: Kleetaurus12: hey what are you doing after work. X: Gonna pound some pussy. Get in a fight. Some shit. Why, faggot? Kleetaurus12: LOL!
X: What is LMAO.
X: No.
X: Nevermind.
X: I know what it is.
X: Just stop with the abbreviations.
Kleetaurus12: LOL ;)
X: Fck yr abbrs, k?
X: Thx.
Kleetaurus12: Relax.
Kleetaurus12: jj.
X: Hey.
X: Hey.
X: Hey. Guess what, JJ.
Kleetaurus12: ?
Kleetaurus12: ?
Kleetaurus12: :(

You have exited the chat by logging off or being disconnected.

Date Written: January 13, 2004
Author: Dick Vomit
Average Vote: 4.5

01/15/2004 Will Disney (4): You know what this one has? Verisimilitude.
01/16/2004 Dolemite: Eh. I have funny IMs with Noah Simple all the time. Case in point: Noah Simple: what's with burton doing remakes? - Noah Simple: first planet of the nutsack and then charlie and the nutsack - Dolemite: he's out of ideas - Noah Simple: guess so - Dolemite: but not nutsacs
01/17/2004 Dick Vomit: Dolemite. I'll take the 3 stars provided it's clear that the above is not an actual IM exchange.
01/17/2004 Dick Vomit: Actually, I guess I'm taking the three stars no matter what.
01/18/2004 Dolemite (4): I take back my 3 stars and give you 4. Rest assured Dick Vomit, my original rating was not based on any assumption of the so-called "reality" of the IM's. I think I was just experiencing male menstruation that day.
02/24/2004 scoop (5): Now THAT'S what I expect out of my Dick Vomit.
06/3/2005 Mr. Pony (5): If I had known about this I would have linked to it many times this past year. I would have used it to help prove something. I would have used it to help prove the message of this short. To people.
10/19/2007 Master Bates (4.5): LOL, BOL (barf out loud)