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They were all fucking. Captain McBarton sledgehammered Regional Roberts' asshole-mouth with a live cod, all the while frigging Patricia Ann Fondel's Jamie Lee Curtis-sized clit. Ishito Kashimuro buried his sweaty moustache into the murkier demimonde of Gypsy's "pelican beak," occupied as it was simultaneous by Kissinger Addley's gizzardy plum-bullet. Even one of Texxx's heroes, little Johnny, was getting in on it, pushing his pudgy fingers deep into the greasy recesses of Tubman's gin-blossomed, chimpy keyster. And ol' Fred sat in the corner, damaging the brown tribble's chances at asexual reproduction.

Every last one of them was in on it, so of course everyone got a piece.

Yeah, there was poo everywhere.

Date Written: January 16, 2004
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote: 3.8

01/21/2004 Dylan Danko: Can Tubman's ass be too small AND gin blossomed?
01/21/2004 Ewan Snow (4): I find it hard to believe that all these good folks would hang out with little Johnny...
01/21/2004 Texxx: Johnny's an antihero.
01/21/2004 Mr. Pony (5): Four stars for the concept. Half a star for the Jamie Lee Curtis thing. Another half star for fucking my tribble so good. That's five.
01/22/2004 Jon Matza: Was Jaerrold in on this?
01/22/2004 Will Disney: no disney short links eh? no fair!
01/22/2004 Texxx: I guess your heroes are more conservative. Sexually.
01/22/2004 qualcomm: oops
01/22/2004 Will Disney: conservative sexually? what about henry and his sister? what about susie and sammy? what about my fictionalized version of ewan snow?
05/24/2004 TheBuyer (4):
09/18/2004 Fitzcarralldo (1): While I appreciate the Stephen King like penchant for linking your stories together, I still hope that you do not get hit by a truck.
09/18/2004 qualcomm: penchant? i do it in one story and it's a penchant?
09/18/2004 scoop (5): No, dude, the "doucheford" just used the word wrong.