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Pissed Off Roomate: Woah, man! How much weed did you smoke? the shits thick in here as fabled london fog!

Slacker Roomate: Almost enuff mdude..hehh hehhhh Got anymore?? [grin]

Pissed Off Roomate: Got the munchies weedie?

Slacker Roomate: Yeaaaah man ...No food ...sux

Pissed Off Roomate: I got mallomars

Slacker Roomate: Werd pass em !!!!!

Pissed Off Roomate: No!

Slacker Roomate: Why?

Pissed Off Roomate: You eat all my food!

Slacker Roomate: No I don't.

Pissed Off Roomate: Yeah and ya know, instead of you eating them im'ma flush 'em right down the toilet cause thats where they wind up anyway...'cept they come outta yer asshole since your lazy ass wont go to the store for food so ya eat mine...you're too fuckin' lazy to even pick up the phone and order chicken

Slacker Roomate: Chickens greasy

Pissed Off Roomate: ...Asshole

Slacker Roomate: Whatever

Pissed Off Roomate: [flush]

Slacker Roomate: Those were perfectly good mallomars!!! And you flushed em!

Pissed Off Roomate: Yup...Shame you couldnt hold onto them for a little bit.

Slacker Roomate: Hey you know your ex you've been pining over for months now? I banged her last night.

Date Written: January 18, 2004
Author: Joseph Keith
Average Vote: 4

01/23/2004 anonymous (4): I had to laugh my ass off... I have seen this conversation wtg
01/23/2004 Jon Matza: Not bad, but would've been better if it ended on "Whatever".
01/23/2004 Will Disney (4): you know - i disagree. i liked the ending. i bet that guy *did* bang his stoner roommate's girlfriend. that's real life right there.
01/23/2004 Ewan Snow: Disney, I think you had better read more carefully. The stoner banged the pissed off guy's girlfriend, not the other way around.
01/28/2004 Lenny: I have to agree w/ Matza. Ending with "whatever" really would have clinched it.