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Date Written: February 14, 2004
Author: Mr. Pony
Average Vote: 4.22222

02/24/2004 Texxx: Great.
02/24/2004 Texxx: My vote's not showing up. I gave it a 5.
02/24/2004 scoop (5): Someone else must've started doing "drawrings." This has too much style to be Pony's. Texxx, perhaps?
02/24/2004 qualcomm: why did mr. samurai barf?
02/24/2004 Benny Maniacs (5): This is funny twofold: once because it's concise, well-timed, and unexpected, secondly because after I laughed, it made me puke bagel all over my keyboard.
02/24/2004 qualcomm: yeah it's not that funny.
02/24/2004 qualcomm (3): yeah.
02/24/2004 Jon Matza (2): Yeah.
02/24/2004 Will Disney (5): i don't care what anyone says - this one looks great and has a kind of subtlety, if that can be said about a drawing that features vomiting jokes.
02/24/2004 qualcomm: you'd better care what i say, asshole.
02/24/2004 Texxx: It's not that funny, but it sure is good. The notion that the intensity of the situation gets the better of these guys, when characters like these rarely show any weakness whatsoever (especially in a comic), is pretty inventive. I've never seen a ninja puke before. That counts for something.
02/24/2004 anonymous: Dammit, Texxx!
02/24/2004 anonymous: yawn.
02/24/2004 Phony Millions: That does count for something, Texx. Is that what's going on though - they're puking out of mortal fear? That is pretty funny. Why is author pissed - did Texx steal your thunder and give the story away?
02/24/2004 Phony Millions (4): I also like the irony factor here - the characteristic sillouhete shot of this style of action comic drawing is used for them puking.
02/25/2004 Dick Vomit (4): Love it. Visually, it's The Dark Side of Pony. Plus, who doesn't love a few panels depicting Toshiro Mifune and Fox Mulder puking in the same room?
08/29/2004 Litcube (5): Holy shit that was funny!