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"Afternoon, Dr. Rivington."
"Uh...you want me to work on anything in particular today?"
"Just talk about whatever comes to mind..."
"OK. Uh, I went to dinner at the Saveloy last night with Elizabeth..."
"Well, I had this seafood pasta with shiitake mushrooms. Out of this world. Lizzie had the salmon. Nice piece of fish. Came with sauteed spinach and potatoes. Real nice plate of food."
"Dessert was sensational."
"You seem preoccupied with food this week."
"Yeah. It was real good."
"Last week we were touching on some pretty painful areas. Your father withholding his approval up until the day he died. Your sense of alienation at home recently. Feeling miserable at work but not doing anything to change the situation. It's striking to me how, rather than picking up the thread of any of those conversations, you come in this week choosing to talk about what you had for dinner last night."
"But that's what I was thinking about when I came in. You said I should talk about whatever comes to mind."
"I'm aware of that. I was sitting here, remember? But I didn't mean food, you fucking genius of stupidity."

Date Written: February 16, 2004
Author: Jon Matza
Average Vote: 3.2222

02/26/2004 Will Disney (5): ha!
02/26/2004 Phony Millions (3): This sets you up for what's rather a weak punchline.
02/26/2004 qualcomm (4): i think this little number doesn't really pay off, but i have to reward the sentences, "nice piece of fish," "nice plate of food" and "dessert was sensational".
02/26/2004 Dylan Danko (3): I have to agree with Evans. I was enjoying everything until the last sentence.
02/26/2004 Texxx (2): What Evans said.
02/26/2004 scoop (3): yeah, what Evans and Danko said. Superb set-up diminished somehow by a flat punchline. But that Real nice plate of food line is a Real nice line of comedy.
02/26/2004 annebot (2): A for effort, but where is that PUNCH? Must.. have... instant gratification
03/7/2005 Shomer Shabbas (3): "genius of stupidity" just doesn't measure up to some of the earlier gems, dropped it from a 4.
03/7/2005 deliciousbrains (4):
03/7/2005 deliciousbrains: