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“Yeah, LunkLink used to write good shorts, but her new stuff is so, whatever.” Esteban ground out his Benson and Hedges Menthol Light 107 and gave Paco a smirk by which he meant to insinuate that Paco’s longtime support of LunkLink's shorts had been an “expense of spirit in a waste of shame,” i.e. “lust in action.”

“No way! Plus, she’s hot. Why not quote unquote expend spirit on a hot chick?”

Esteban hadn’t considered that. Why not indeed? And how had Paco managed to understand his smirk's insinuation word for word? He reached for his 107s. “So spirit's just jizz?”


Date Written: March 16, 2004
Author: Ewan Snow
Average Vote: 4.25

03/22/2004 Will Disney: yes you know it's true. goddammit acme shorts *is* cool.
03/22/2004 Mr. Pony: Why is it that when people speak quotes, they put them in the wrong places? This bothers my mathematical sensibilities.
03/22/2004 anonymous: It bothers me too, Pony, but they do it all the same. We simply have to persevere.
03/22/2004 Jimson S. Sorghum (4): No. Jizz is just spirit
03/22/2004 Mr. Pony (4): I say we change it. Shake the world to its core.
07/20/2004 TheBuyer (4): nice random hit.
01/11/2005 The Rid (5):