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"You always listen to the corniest songs to punctuate what you're doing!"

"Shut up, bitch."

"Like when you're driving, you put in "Highway Star" by Deep Purple to get you all in the mood."

"I said shut up, bitch!"

"Or that time I found you crying in the bedroom with the shades drawn, and you had "Drive" by The Cars on infinite repeat. Ha!"

"You know what this is, bitch?"

"A CD..."

"Not just any CD, bitch. It's "Dominic The Italian Christmas Donkey" by Lou Monte."

"No, no, Eddie, please, don't play that... No! Eddie, no! Not my face, please Eddie, not my face!"

Date Written: March 22, 2004
Author: qualcomm
Average Vote:

03/22/2004 scoop (5): I know this song, so this vote may be a bit stilted/biased/something. But I too have always associated it with the special kind of reptiliain violence felt between a man and a woman. And also: just what is he doing to her face? Whatever it is, I bet its delicious!!!
03/22/2004 Will Disney (4): i'm listening to that link right now. yay!
03/22/2004 Craig Lewis (4): Multi-media!
03/22/2004 Mr. Pony: Yikes! Multimedia. Creepy, but it doesn't take any turns!
03/22/2004 Mr. Pony (4):
03/22/2004 Mr. Pony: La la la, la la la la la la!
03/22/2004 Moe-Ron (3): cheap use of "dominic the donkey" for a giggle.
03/22/2004 Will Disney: i'm still playing this stupid track!