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I had been lubricating with iodine-125 and I think my wife’s vagina was degrading. “Are you really fractionating it for this?” she asked one night.

“Alright sweetie, I won’t do it anymore. And you’re right – I need to radio-label my heparin samples with it.”

The next morning in the lab, as I was replacing the lead vial under the hood, Sukthar, the hot grad student from Sri Lanka, walked in and, passing behind me, rubbed her mons back and forth against my buttock. Playfully, she said, “Pass me the basic fibroblast growth factor, you stud-tech.” Two days before, Lalith had observed that Sukthar was ‘a real woman.’ My pulsating erection was telling me he might have been on to something.

Sukthar bit my ear and cooed, “I saw the auto-radiogram of your electrophoresis gels. Your results turned me on. I’m a filthy whore.”

“That’s right, darling,” I said undoing my fly. “It looks like I’m going to prove laminin and fibronectin bind heparin with some specificity.”

“As much as antithrombin III?” she moaned, reaching for my joint.

“No, but more than thrombospondin by up to thirty-fold.”

She was groaning and really jerking me hard and I was pretty darn pleased with the situation until my cock broke off halfway down the shaft. Sukthar ran out of the lab screaming and waving the front half of my cock around. How was I going to explain this to my wife?

Date Written: May 10, 2004
Author: John Slocum
Average Vote: 4.96667

05/14/2004 Ferucio P. Chhretan (5): I would give this a twelve star rating if I could. i just love dirty trysts....
05/14/2004 qualcomm (5):
05/14/2004 Benny Maniacs (5): An old world style Acme classic.
05/14/2004 TheBuyer (5): This made my penis feel brittle....sukthar is great name.
05/14/2004 TheBuyer: haha, fuck “As much as antithrombin III?” she moaned, reaching for my joint. ... that's gonna stick in my brain today...so's this letter opener.
05/14/2004 Will Disney (5): spa-lendid
05/14/2004 Mr. Pony (5): Old World Style with New World Rigor!
05/14/2004 Herm (5): Figures a Ceylonese like Sukthar would yank his knob clean off.
05/15/2004 scoop (5): I am assuming this is a tortured metaphor for some wine or something, or a parable for the imbibhition of said "vino."
05/16/2004 Mr. Pony: Metaphor, my ass! Just looked up the science behind this. Slocum, you continue to amaze.
05/16/2004 John Slocum: Thank you for the props, Pony. Perhaps knowing about extra-cellular matrix proteins and what they do seems like magic to you the way your flash pieces seem like magic to me - I couldn't draw to save me mammy and I've never learned how to use flash.
05/16/2004 John Slocum: By the way, thank you for a trip down memory lane - I went to the google page you linked to and checked out the first page it lists. I worked with 2 of the guys listed in reference # 4, Stipp and Lander.
05/24/2004 Dylan Danko (5): This is the kind of thing that makes me almost glad to get up in the morning.
07/7/2004 Jon Matza (5): 'Old world style Acme classic' yes, but backed by the clearheaded authority of science.
11/19/2004 TheBuyer: best science short ever.
11/19/2004 Ewan Snow (5): This is a premium short in terms of tone and humorfulness.
02/18/2005 Front (5): thanks. all done.
03/9/2005 Blister Buddy (5): Hooray for the Top Rated Shorts feature. Charming ribaldry, this.
03/8/2006 Master Bates (5): wow
03/18/2010 Marvin_Bernstein (4.5): how do we shout this down so I don't look at it every time I come here?