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Dear Journal, Today has been a little depressing...my best friend has decided to move away from home. I don't know what to do. My dad says that I should just "suck it up" and stop being "such a pussy". (I included "pussy" in quotation marks because he meant it figuratively.) I am very sad but I think I will do something very special for my friend before tomorrow. I hate giving presents because I don't want to give a present that somebody doesn't like. (Last year I gave my brother one of the dirty magazines with the big-breasted black women on it he likes so much, but he wasn't really too happy after he opened it in front of my parents.) Dad says I need to "grow some balls" and "take my head out of my ass". Sometimes I think dad is a bit insensative toward my feelings. Every time I get upset he tells me to go "jerk it off". (This is supposed to clear my head and get me thinking rationally.) I will let you know what I end up getting my pal. I have to go downstairs and visit with dad's friends with funny accents. Yours truly, G.W.

Date Written: October 10, 2005
Author: itasta090
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10/11/2005 Will Disney: I appreciate the author's own pathology as demonstrated here but don't you think that "poppy" was probably too much of a pussy himself to be tough on g.w. as a kid?
10/11/2005 itasta090: Who said he wrote this when he was a kid?
10/11/2005 Streifenbeuteldachs: Pussy? He married Bar, didn't he?